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Otsuchi Recovery Fund Commemorative Release

North Coast Brewing Old Stock OtsuchiThis month we are releasing a special edition of Old Stock Ale to benefit our sister city, Otsuchi, Japan. When the 2011 tsunami struck northern Japan, Otsuchi was one of the hardest hit communities, and this charming 800-year-old city was leveled with an unimaginable loss of life and property.

CBS recently devoted a 60 Minutes episode to the Otsuchi disaster and interviewed Ken Sasaki, catalyst for the sister city program. Sasaki made it clear how important the Fort Bragg sister city relationship has been in helping to give Otsuchi the encouragement to rebuild and to maintain their “Never give up” attitude.

The people of Fort Bragg have sent over $250,000 to help, but more importantly, they sent their love. As a continuation of this support, North Coast Brewing makes a donation to the Otsuchi Recovery fund for every bottle of Otsuchi Old Stock Ale sold. North Coast Brewing invites you to enjoy this bottle with friends & celebrate the recovery of Otsuchi.

To read more on the sister sister relationship between Fort Bragg, California and Otsuchi Japan, visit www.otsuchi.org

Click here for a printable PDF of this release.

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Cheese Pairing: Old Stock Ale with Bleu des Basques

Old Stock AleNorth Coast Brewing’s Old Stock Ale paired with Bleu des Basques and reviewed by Hoosier Beer Geek.

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Old Stock Ale 2011

Old Stock AleReview of Old Stock Ale 2011 by Brew Chief

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The Best Barleywine? SF Weekly's Blog, SFoodie, Picks a Winner: North Coast Brewing Co. Old Stock Ale

SFWeekly‘s Blind Tasting for Best Barleywine:
North Coast Brewing Company Old Stock Ale (Fort Bragg, Calif.): 9 points. Honey- and rose-colored and with minimal head, this was the panel’s uncontested favorite. Nothing about the beer screamed “barleywine,” but the marked aromas of applejack, cherry, oak, bourbon, and bread, along Old Stock Alewith hot flavors of boozy fruit, caramel, and very faint smoke, earned it the warmest reception.

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Vertical Tasting of Old Stock Ale on BeerSweden TV

See the whole post at BeerSweden


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A Love Letter From Our Friend Wade

“I wanted to tell you of an unexpected delight I had recently. I visited my sister’s house a few weeks ago, where I used to live and brew. I journeyed down to the cellar after she reminded me I had some old bottles there. As I blew the dust off the bottles of old root beer and cider, I found a single bottle with an NCB Old Stock label on it—from 2001. I had laid it up 8 years ago and forgotten it. I didn’t think it would still be good. So I opened it and tasted it cautiously. WOW!, is all I could think of. It was superb! So mellow and full of flavor. Thank you. I need to procure a few more and forget them again.”
– Wade

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North Coast Releases Old Stock Ale 2009

NCBC Old Stock Ale 2009North Coast Brewing has announced the much anticipated release of its 2009 vintage Old Stock Ale.  Since it sprang onto the beer scene in 2000 with the award of a Platinum medal at the World Beer Championships, Old Stock has won two Great American Beer Fest medals as well as additional WBC medals.

Brewed in the classic English old ale tradition, the Old Stock recipe includes Maris-Otter malts, Fuggles and East Kent Goldings hops and delivers a very friendly 11.5% ABV.  The brew’s loyal fan base has learned that the beer cellars beautifully and can be laid down, literally for years, with the rich, winey flavors becoming softer and even more seductive with age.

“I think this is one of the finest beers we produce.” said Mark Ruedrich, North Coast’s brewmaster.  “It has an elegance that transcends the usual expectations of beer.  We’re quite proud of it.”

Look for Old Stock wherever fine beers are sold.

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