One for the Cellar: Anchorage Press reviews Old Stock Reserve

Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve 2009“I was totally unprepared for the onslaught of rich complexity, intense flavor and stellar balance coming out of my brandy snifter of this incredible stuff. Why am I telling you this now? After a number of delays, a scant fourteen cases of this heady stuff has been bestowed upon Anchorage, and if you want to go on a beery scavenger hunt, you might be lucky enough to score one or two bottles for yourself. I’ve already got my share so I’ll watch the fray from the sidelines. The word’s on the street and this is some truly sought after stuff both for immediate consumption and vintage collecting.

If you’re lucky enough to score some you’ll find that the beer decants a slightly opaque brown in the glass. Minimal head forms and quickly races to the edge of the glass to leave just a tan ring around the sides. I’d suggest using brandy snifters or even wine glasses to showcase this beer. The shape of the glass helps concentrate and feature the aroma of the beer. And this is a beer that should definitely be shared in small doses with your closest of friends….The aroma is about as perfect as it gets for this big style of beer.”

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