Old Stock Ale 2013 Release

North Coast Brewing Old Stock Ale 2013We’re excited to announce the much anticipated release of our 2013 vintage Old Stock Ale. Since it sprang onto the beer scene in 2000 with the award of a Platinum medal at the World Beer Championships, Old Stock has won two Great American Beer Fest medals as well as additional WBC medals.

Brewed in the classic English old ale tradition, the Old Stock recipe includes Maris-Otter malts, Fuggles and East Kent Goldings hops and delivers a very friendly 11.9% ABV. The brew’s loyal fan base has learned that the beer cellars beautifully and can be laid down, literally for years, with the rich, winey flavors becoming softer and even more seductive with age.

β€œI think this is one of the finest beers we produce,” says Brewmaster Mark Ruedrich. β€œIt has an elegance that transcends the usual expectations of beer. We’re quite proud of it.”

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