Acme’s Quacky the Duck Has Another Moment in the Sun

NCBC Acme Ale Quacky DuckBack in the late 40’s and the early 50’s when Acme Beer was the best-selling beer in the American West, one of their best loved salesmen was Quacky the Duck. Quacky took life through the voice of Jack Wagner on KMJ radio in Fresno and cartoonist Phil Roman, both of whom went on to greater fame. Wagner became the voice of Donald Duck at the Disney theme parks and Roman became an Emmy-winning TV producer of The Simpsons and other cartoon shows. Quacky, alas, retired from public view and has just recently made a cameo appearance in the Fresno Bee. His fine beers, however, are enjoying a renaissance through the North Coast Brewing Co. Thanks for the memories, Quacky.

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