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North Coast Brewing Participates in Mendocino County Crab, Wine & Beer Fest 2013

North Coast Brewing Scrimshaw PilsnerNorth Coast Brewing is pleased to participate in this annual festival that celebrates local breweries, wineries, and Pacific Ocean Dungeness Crab, while raising funds for local non-profit organizations.

We are donating Scrimshaw Pilsner, Ruedrich’s Red Seal Ale, and Acme Pale Ale to the Cioppino Dinner on Friday, January 25 that benefits Mendocino Coast Clinics. This family-style dinner has three seatings: 4:30, 6:00 & 8:00 pm.

Loretta Evans, North Coast Brewery’s Food & Beverage Manager, is participating in the Professional Judges and the People’s Choice Crab Cake Cook-Off Competitions.

On Friday, January 24, she’ll make her specialty crab cakes for six celebrity judges and the next day, between 12 noon and 3:00 pm, Loretta and her team will make 500 crab cakes for the People’s Choice Cook-Off that also benefits Mendocino Coast Clinics. North Coast Brewing will pour Le Merle Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale to pair with the crab cakes.

Click here to purchase dinner tickets and People’s Choice Crab Cake Cook-Off tickets and get directions to the venues.

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Seven Steps to Tasting Beer

Andrew Van Til is one of six master cicerones** in the world. It’s the highest certification in the beer industry and requires passing a grueling exam. What follows are his seven tips for tasting beer, excerpted from The Daily Brew.

1.    Environment — Make sure that you and the room you are in are comfortable. Make sure there aren’t strong odors or aromas in the room.

2.    Glassware — Make sure you’re using a clean glass. Oils, soap, sanitizer, and residues not only make beer look bad in the glass, but they also ruin delicate flavors and aromas we find in beer and wreck the head (foam) of the beer.

3.    Pouring — Take the glass in one hand (hold it by the stem if it has one) and the bottle in the other. Tilt the glass and pour beer down the side of the glass. As it fills, you can level the glass and begin to pour down the middle of the glass if necessary to achieve a one to two inch head, which is great for most styles.

4.    Appearance — Look at the beer. Of course being in a room that has plenty of natural light facilitates this. The density and texture of the foam, the color, the effervescence, and the clarity all give information about the quality of the beer and what you might expect when you taste it.

5.    Aroma — How the beer smells, and how these aromatics might interact with what you will sense on your palate when you taste the beer foreplay the overall experience of the beer. Swirl the beer in the glass. Get your nose close to the beer and take it in. I find that short sniffs are the most potent at first, but experiment with what you notice by trying different techniques. Look for aromas from different ingredients in the beer. Malt aromas can remind you of bread—white, whole wheat or rye? Toasted? Burnt? Sweet and sticky or hearty and chewy? Hops can be fruity, spicy, earthy. Yeast action can contribute very little character on the nose, or it can express wildly fruity and spicy aromatics.

6.    Taste — FINALLY. If you had a beer in your hand and haven’t actually put it to your lips until now, I commend you. Taste the beer. Don’t swallow immediately. Don’t swish it violently, but do let it roll gently around your mouth and palate. Many of the aromatics you noticed before will find roots in their interaction with the bitterness, acidity, sweetness, mineral character, and fullness on your palate as you do this. Swallow the beer. Is the finish (aftertaste) short or long? Does it complement or conflict with what you may be eating? Does it make you want to spit, eat another bite of food, smack your lips, drink something else, or take another taste?

7.    Repeat steps 4-6.
**Master Cicerone® is the third and final level of certification of the Cicerone Certification Program Those who achieve this certification possess encyclopedic knowledge of beer and highly refined tasting ability. Such knowledge generally results from years of thoughtful study and tasting, travel to classic beer producing areas, hands-on experience with beer service, in-depth familiarity with brewing and ingredients and frequent and repeated experience in beer and food pairing.

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North Coast Brewing an Official Sponsor of SFJAZZ

SFJAZZ’s Grand Opening Night on Wednesday, January 23rd is sold out, but there will be many more concerts this season. The opening night performance will be the first to take place in the new SFJAZZ Center’s Robert N. Miner Auditorium, the first concert hall of its type in the U.S. built specifically for the performance of jazz music and audiences. North Coast Brewing, a strong supporter of the arts and jazz music in particular, is an Official Sponsor of the SFJAZZ Fest. Click here to see drawings of the extraordinary SFJAZZ Center.

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Baritone Monk CD Number 12 on Jazz Week Charts

Baritone Monk CDBaritone Monk by The Claire Daly Quartet, an album that we produced in 2012, is now number 12 on the Jazz Week charts!

Click here to read about the album and listen to sample tracks.

Click here to purchase the album.

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Join Us at the Taproom for the Playoff

If you’re fortunate enough to live on the Mendocino Coast, you can watch the playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers this Saturday night, January 12th, at North Coast Brewing’s Taproom or on the big screen in the Sequoia Room.

Enjoy North Coast’s great brews and the special football appetizers created exclusively for this playoff by Loretta Evans, North Coast Brewing’s Food & Beverage Manager:

  • Kaepernick’s Buffalo Wings with house made blue cheese dressing and dipping veggies
  • Vernon Davis Sausage Bites
  • Sourdough Sam’s Garlic Waffle Fries
  • Cheese Head Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza
  • Alex Smith’s Eggs from Hell (spicy pickled eggs)
  • Frank Gore’s Stuffed Mushrooms with Bacon and Cream Cheese

You can follow up on those appetizers with complete dinners and specials of the evening. The Taproom opens at 4:00 and the Sequoia room at 5:00.

Don’t miss the big playoff game at North Coast Brewing’s Taproom and Grill, located on the big corner of Main and Pine Streets in Fort Bragg.

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Beer Review: Brother Thelonious Belgian Style Abbey Ale

From a wonderful review of Brother Thelonious on Black Metals and Brews:

Brother Thelonious Brand Image“Much like the remarkable pianist this beer shares a name with, Brother Thelonious is more complex than any easy description will permit. To call Monk’s music “jazz” is to sell him short, packaging him besides easy listening artists and not the kinetic and soulful madness that jazz once represented. To give this beer a simple title is also inappropriate. While the beer pours a dark amber with a nice thick head, and has an absolutely captivating scent, it’s not an experience that can be understood with one or two sips and a glance at the glass. This beer is something you understand more deeply as you near the bottle’s end. Crisp flavors of caramel and raisin play on my tongue, while the liquid itself slides across my palate more smoothly than a beer this rich normally would. Drinking Brother Thelonious is like a slow and playful seduction, with each sip lingering just enough to create a tense anticipation for the next.  An experiment I recommend (and how I first was introduced to this beer) is to try drinking this at room temperature. I first learned of this beer at a traditional pub, where none of the beers were served at the icy temperatures many of us Americans are accustomed to. While I was initially confused, I still was blown away by how incredible this beer tasted. That was four years ago. I’m still finding new excuses to lose myself in Brother Thelonious, and I hope this review will encourage you to do the same.”

Read the whole review here.

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North Coast Brewing Announces 25th Anniversary Plans

Class of 881988 was a seminal year for the budding craft brewing industry on the West Coast. It marked the founding of some of America’s most influential breweries, North Coast Brewing among them. It was also the year Fred Eckhardt published The Essentials of Beer Style—a book that quickly became an essential reference for aspiring brewers and critics.

In recognition of the 25th anniversary of this milestone year, North Coast Brewing and two other west coast members of the pioneering “Class of ’88,”—Rogue Brewery and Deschutes Brewing—are collaborating on a trio of commemorative beers evolving from Fred’s book.

Each of the breweries will create its own interpretation of a barleywine based on Fred’s style guidelines, after which crews from the partner breweries will travel  to each other’s facilities to brew all three ales. Their common heritage and joint  brewing effort will result in a cohesive set that will allow beer aficionados to enjoy three examples of the style.

“It’s amazing to look back over the beer landscape and see what’s happened over the past 25 years,” said Mark Ruedrich, North Coast Brewing’s Co-Founder, Brewmaster, and President. “America’s craft beers are setting new international standards for quality and innovation. They’re the most exciting facet of the world beer scene today.”

These exceptional barleywines will be released in March of 2013 and will be available around the country for a limited time, distinctively packaged in either 22 oz. or 750 ml bottles.

North Coast Brewing will also produce a 25th Anniversary Brew of its own, a worthy successor to its Twentieth Anniversary Ale, in keeping with the northern California brewery’s reputation for exceptional, ground-breaking beers.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the founders of Stockholm’s trend-setting Oliver Twist Pub, including Jörgen Hasselquist, have chosen North Coast Brewing to brew a special beer celebrating the 20th anniversary of Oliver Twist in May of 2013. “We’ve been big fans of the beers of North Coast Brewing since we introduced Red Seal Ale to Sweden with a Gold Medal win at The Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival in 2000,” said Hasselquist, “so it was a natural to ask their brewmaster, Mark Ruedrich, to develop something very special for us in honor of our anniversary. We are delighted that he has agreed.”

“Sweden is more than one of our largest markets,” said Ruedrich. “We’ve been embraced by beer lovers throughout Scandinavia in the last decade or so and love sharing our beers with them.”

Click here for a printable PDF of this press release.

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