Old Rasputin XII Imperial Stout

Thehopry.com Review

For those in the know...this is one of the finest bourbon barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stouts on the planet.

–The Bavarian Lodge, Lisle, IL


–Beer Advocate

Old Rasputin XII Imperial Stout


Old Rasputin X

For the past few years, Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin has been released in such limited quantities that it has been available only at the brewery retail shop in Fort Bragg, California. However, we have received so many requests for this beer that for the 12th anniversary, North Coast Brewing produced enough Old Rasputin XII to put into broader distribution. There's certainly not a flood of it, but it is available in select areas.

We guarantee that the Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin XII will be worth the search. It is amazing stuff. Aging in oak whiskey barrels adds a level of complexity that amplifies the espresso/chocolate notes in the flavor profile and takes this unique beer to new heights.

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Vital Statistics

Style: Barrel-Aged
Color: Black
ABV: 11.6%
Bitterness: 75 IBUs